Friday, November 6, 2009


So trade is booming in October and now in November. I tried that periodic updates but it was too cumbersome when its get extremely busy.

New things coming up are:

Import Security Filings. 10+2. I wonder how much this will stifle trade. Customs seems to think that a small importer is one that imports 10 times a year. As a small broker I can see so many more first time importers coming though my doors I would view ten imports a year as a huge importer. These first time and very small importers that import once every other year are so numerous that they must be entirely ignored by customs. We know they don't like dealing with them because they send them to me all the time.

I think importing for them will soon be over if every shipment comes with a $1,000 fine because their suppliers failled to fillout and send in the ISF paperwork.

Anti dumping cases:

On the rise we are waiting to see what will happen with the China Countervailing cases.

When will Zeroing be finished? No time soon. There needs to be an appeal to CAFC at some point.

I finally have a free weekend so hopefully I'll be able to review the recent cases and maybe write about more new issues in trade.

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