Friday, August 28, 2009

Trade Review for the week ending August 30th

Calculation of antidumping costs decided this week. Resulting in the permissibility of unfairness.


US Court of International Trade:

Solvay Solexis SPA and Solvay Solexis. Inc., vs. TheUnited States
Depreciating of goodwill after a merger attributed to one division rather than the company as a whole increased the cost based and antidumping duties for importer Solvay. The court ruled the Commerce used a permissible interpretation of accounting standards. But no investigation appears to be done on whether the costs of the merger should have been applied, whether there was a greater nexus between the division and the merger to the company as a whole.

National Fisheries Institute Inc., Et Al. vs. United States Customs and Border Protection.
Customs exceeded its authority in setting bonding requirements well beyond the likely antidumping amount for importers of shrimp. But who could blame them as they had just recently been sued for not setting the bonding amounts high enough. Fortunately did not hold customs liable for setting the bond requirements too low in the previous case.

Puerto Rico Towing and Barge Company vs. The Untied States.
Puerto Rico is considered a US port when considering whether ship repairs will be dutiable.

Federal Register Notices:

Export-Import Bank:
  • Advisory Committee of Export–Import Bank of the United States: Meeting.

International Trade Administration:

  • Administrative announcements:
  • Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals
  • Scope rulings
  • Application(s) for Duty-Free Entry of Scientific Instruments: 1 and 2
  • Applications for the International Buyer Program (Calendar Year 2011)
  • Trade Remedies:

  • Circular Welded Non-Alloy Steel Pipe from the Republic of Korea. Antidumping: Wheatland tube withdrew its request for review of Kumkang. The antidumping rate will be set at the cash deposit rate if no other importer intervenes within the time period.
  • Hot-Rolled Carbon Steel Products from India: Countervailing: Extension of time for preliminary results of administrative review Now due December 31st 2009.
  • Glycine from the Peoples Republic of China. Antidumping: Rescission of administrative review.
  • Magnesia Carbon Bricks from the People's Republic of China and Mexico. Antidumping, Countervailing. Initiation of investigation. Yet another new ADD.CVD case is born.
  • Oil Country Tubular Goods from the People's Republic of China: Antidumping, postponement of preliminary determinations. New due date November 4th.
  • Wooden Bedroom Furniture from the People's Republic of China: Antidumping. Initiation of new shipper reviews.
International Trade Commission
  • Pressure Sensitive Plastic Tape from Italy: Antidumping
  • Certain MLC Flash Memory Devices and Products Containing Same: Investigation.
  • Certain Non-Shellfish Derived Glucosamine and Products Containing the Same: Investigation.
  • Articulated Coordinate Measuring Arm: Investigation
  • Certain Flash Memory Controllers, Drives, Memory Cards, and Media Players and Products Containing Same: Investigation
Federal Maritime Administration

State Department
Trade Representative, Office of.
Customs Bulletin
  • Pellicles: Propose ruling revocation
  • Expansion of global entry pilot project.
  • Information Collection Activities.

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